The Results are in!

I’m happy to say that our walk was a huge success. Our goal was to raise at least $5,000 but thanks to our amazing volunteers and staff I’m happy to say that we have raised over $10,000. Words cannot describe how grateful we are. The BK foundation wants to thank every single one you who came out, donated, and raised awareness to our event. Thanks to all of you, we are now one step closer to finding a cure to breast cancer. I know that Barbara Kadar is looking down on all of you and she is so proud of all of the work that you guys have put in. If you want to look at the pictures that we’ve taken or if you want to check out more details about the event we just had, log on to


President’s Letter

Dear Staff,

Words cannot describe how happy I am that we have accomplished so much and saved so many lives. I know that if my grandmother were here now, she would be so proud of each and everyone of you. On behalf of my family and the countless lives that we have saved, I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work.

Russell Rothenberg


What do we do?

The Barbara Kadar Foundation raises awareness and holds events in order to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. We bring a happy and comfortable environment where many survivors and current fighters tell their story to others. The BK Foundation understands how difficult it’s been for them as well as their family members. Having to deal with this disease is a real hardship for everyone, so it’s important to surround the fighters, caretakers, and survivors with people who understand and care about each other.


We walk for the cure

On May 10th, the day before mother’s day, the BK foundation will host a 5-mile walk. Everyone is welcome to join us at Manhattanville College at 11:00 am. There will be music, drinks, food, and much more. In order to sign up everyone must log onto our website at and search for the walk at Manhattanville College. They can create their own team and can even join an existing team. Survivors and caretakers get to wear special shirts and have the pleasure of leading the five-mile walk. For more information please log onto our website. Lets walk together and walk for a cure.


BK Foundation

The BK foundation or Barbara Kadar Foundation is a non-profit organization that fights against breast cancer. Barbara Kadar was born in Hungary in the early 1900’s and was unfortunately placed in a concentration camp by the Nazis. She watched her entire family die right in front of her and was severally abused psychologically and physically. She managed to escape and started a family in the United States and managed to live a normal and peaceful life until she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 83. Barbara was able to fight cancer for 5 long years but she unfortunately lost the battle. Her grandchildren were so inspired by her courage and strength and decided to make an organization in honor of her. To this day the BK Foundation encourages everyone to join them and fight against cancer just like how Barbara did.